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 I specialize in artisan made unique gifts and products with a farm-style-chic / Zen  inspiration.  I craft and design items with love that bring me joy, add warmth, provide comfort.  I hope they do for you also! 


English Rose Farms has been in my heart a long time. I have always been creative and passionate about artistic expression,  and this is another way I hope to share that with you. 


I hope you enjoy the collections I will be sharing as they are all special to me in some way.  They relate to various places, feelings, ideas and concepts from my own experiences and life and some are just delightful or fun.


I started to manifest my dream by relocating to Knoxville, TN where I could live in the country and enjoy all the new experiences of the area including four vibrant seasons, beautiful landscapes, rivers and lakes that snake through the city with endless breathtaking lookout points and inspiring views with a stunning backdrop of the Smoky Mountains.


I was drawn to the slower pace, extensive opportunities to appreciate nature, lush plant life and foliage and to the inviting warmth of southern hospitality. 


I am always creating/refining new products and items and this will be an adventure in that process! I bring with me years of experiences and inspirations with a great sense of gratitude. Thank you for visiting or coming along for the ride. and for supporting my small business. 

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